What happens when you coach your mind?
Whether you are just starting or are training for an epic race, a powerful moment awaits when you step into the cockpit of your mind and take the controls. This moment frees you from negative inner dialogue and allows your inner strength to thrive. It's the secret to peak performance and pushing through the struggle. 

What are you doing to unlock this moment?

Please select one of the paths below for relevant and immediately useful coaching tips, FREE chapters from the Flow State Runner book, and more. Feel free to check out both paths and collect tools and tips that will help you right away!
  • getting started, seeking motivation, support with new habits
  • running when heavy and for weight loss, injury prevention
  • facing fears, setting goals, learning safe technique
  • distance and ultra runners, want more mental toughness
  • chasing a Personal Best, want to get faster
  • improve technique, push harder, tolerate intensity
Coach Intro
I'm Jeff Grant and my passion is in coaching. I wrote the book Flow State Runner, an inspiring guide that is helping runners at all levels. 

I'm happy to share free chapters, videos and many other tools to help you in your journey as a runner.

This includes mind tools you can apply right away, the next time you lace up and run.

I would love to earn your trust and help improve your running experience. 
If you want to dive right in to the full book, it's available for a limited time at a discounted direct price here (<$10) and on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats. See Amazon reviews.
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