Flow State Runner: Become a Tougher Runner
Breaking through: 3 actions
I want to help you get more from yourself -- to push through the STRUGGLE so that you can train harder and get the performance results you are seeking. Let's make today the day that you up your game!

Here are 3 actions you can take to start making a difference NOW.

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1. Take control: make sure you are employing key mental techniques to control your inner dialogue

Download the FREE book chapters I offer and read the Inner Coach chapter. This will teach you how to have greater awareness of your Inner Critic and how to call upon specific Inner Coach voices when training and racing. Breaking through is more about your mind than your body--improve your mind training by starting here. Commit to using one of the 5 Inner Coach voices in your next run.

2. Use a Mind Hack: see what happens when you direct your mind away from the pain of high intensity efforts

Watch this video and use this mind hack during your next high intensity session. It's simple and effective, and one of 10 primary mind tools covered in the book.

3. Invest in mental fitness: don't miss out on a chance to dive deep into a coach's toolkit to build your own 
1. Read my blog and watch my videos on YouTube for more mind training tools, technique pointers, and motivation. Also, this is important -- tell me on Facebook what you're going for and I'll offer you some encouraging words. Having an accountability coach or friend is priceless!

2. Buy the full eBook and you'll have immediate access to the full collection of my coaching guidance on Technique, Awareness, Training & Racing, and Mind Hacks. It's a very small investment that you'll reap benefits from for years.
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  • This chapter teaches the five main facets of Flow State Hill Running Technique: Body Position, Gaze, Cadence, Muscular Tension, and Mastering Terrain and Durability.
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Break through the STRUGGLE with these innovative coaching tools:
  • Dome of Awareness and Net of Breath
  • Five Inner Coach Voices
  • Emotional Elevation Profiles
  • Adversity Checklists
  • Pre- and post-run meditation and visualization practices
  • Tapping into Focal Points, Colors, Vision, Yoga, and the power of Emotions
  • Mind tricks to thrive in chaos and extreme challenges
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