You've got the shoes, the smartwatch & the training plan, but these won't get you through the CRUX 
CRUX = a puzzling or difficult problem, of Latin origin meaning an instrument of torture

The CRUX for new runners = consistency, patience, fear, pain, being out of breath, uncertainty, distance, self-confidence, habit, technique, stress

What happens when new runners fail to get through the CRUX?

They give up on a new healthy habit, let go of their dream of having a certain body composition, and walk away from an incredibly portable, stress-reducing, and effective form of exercise. 

Get through the CRUX and your life will change for the better. Get stuck at the CRUX and you'll write a chapter you don't want in your life. A weak mind will get stuck at the CRUX, while a strong mind will power through it.

Unlock your CRUX
Change is possible! Here's a 20-year gap from the moment of deciding to change and start running to a mid-40s healthy lifestyle, energized as a runner.
I've been there. I unlocked the CRUX when I started running in the mid-90s and as a coach have dedicated my life to helping others unlock it for themselves.

There's no Silver Bullet solution -- what I offer is an easy-to-follow mind training practice that consistently works with runners of all levels. I even give parts of it away.

 Next week you will be a different runner!
This is my book: inside it is your new running coach, motivator, teacher and muse. 
February Book Sale: $8 for a limited time only.

Are you ready to get your mind in the right place to take advantage of your shoes, your watch and your training plan?

Let's make today the pivotal day in your commitment to new habits and a healthier, fitter you.

Here are 3 actions you can take to start making a difference NOW.

1. Watch this video: motivation, encouragement, and insights to help you

Watch this video I filmed just for new runners, those with weight loss goals, and runners making a comeback. 

2. Build strong runner's mental habits early: make sure you are not missing out on these key mental techniques for new runners

Download some of my top coaching insights for FREE. I've selected two of the most important chapters from Flow State Runner, on awareness training, each full of motivation and simple tools you can apply to your walking and running today. I'm happy to give you these and hope that they help you. Skim it, read it, pull out the bits that connect with you. I've also included an important article on technique mistakes to avoid. This is super important to get right early.

3. Immerse Yourself: don't miss out on a chance to dive deep into a coach's toolkit and build a strong foundation from the beginning! 
1. Read my summary article on technique and watch my videos on YouTube. Also, this is important -- say hello on Facebook and I'll offer you some encouraging words. 

2.Buy the full eBook and you'll have immediate access to the FULL COLLECTION of my coaching guidance on Technique, Awareness, Training, and more. It's a modest $8 investment that you'll reap benefits from for years.
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 Free Bonus Chapter
  • A Free Bonus Chapter from the upcoming Flow State Hill Training book to teach you the fundamentals of hill running technique.
  • This chapter teaches the five main facets of Flow State Hill Running Technique: Body Position, Gaze, Cadence, Muscular Tension, and Mastering Terrain and Durability.
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Break through the STRUGGLE with these innovative coaching tools:
  • Dome of Awareness and Net of Breath
  • Five Inner Coach Voices
  • Emotional Elevation Profiles
  • Adversity Checklists
  • Pre- and post-run meditation and visualization practices
  • Tapping into Focal Points, Colors, Vision, Yoga, and the power of Emotions
  • Mind tricks to thrive in chaos and extreme challenges
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